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Private landlord in Zlín Sklípek u Tomáše

Sklípek u Tomáše (Zlín) animals permitted handicapped accessible secluded tv set
Privatvermieter Zlín Sklípek u Tomáše picture 1 house description:
Private accommodation is situated in a quiet location, distance from city center 3 km, free parking on domu.Stravování is possible in the cellar of Thomas, which is part of the house. Room for 2 people with full amenities (toilet, shower, kitchen, TV). Quiet location with access to public transport, separate entrance.
pricing conditions:
This is a two-bed apartment with a fully equipped kitchen for the price of 25,-EUR (500 CZK) for 2 people.
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Private landlord
min. price: 10.00 €
categorisation: ***
beds: 2
journey description:
animals permitted, handicapped accessible, secluded, tv set,
Sklípek u Tomáše
Tomáš Polách
Boněcko 1/271
76001 Zlín
phone: 777 25 85 21, 577 432 521
email: send inquiry